Club Racing

Club Racing Engines

NBE's involvement in club racing continues to grow but most notably we have carried out the below projects.

VdeV Honda K20
Neil Brown Engineering developed an engine for the highly competitive VdeV Championship. Our 250PS Honda unit has already proved to be one of the best in the field, winning praise from the drivers and teams. The development of this production-based engine is ongoing as we optimise all the areas we are allowed to modify within the regulations. We are also undergoing extensive dyno testing to optimise power, driveability and reliability. These engines can easily be further developed for other championships where the regulations allow more freedom.

Ford Duratec
We can provide a 2 litre to 2.3 litre Duratec engine used for hill climbs, sprints and track day racing. The engine can produce 250bhp to 300bhp.

Neil Brown Engineering developed a Westfield Duratec engine for Terry Everall who has had great success with the engine in the hillclimb championship.