Racing Engine Design

Complete engine design
With the 2014 FIA F3 engine, Neil Brown Engineering proved their capability to design, manufacture and develop a complete engine to a specific set of regulations from a clean sheet of paper. Throughout our history our experienced team has been working on many different engine configurations; inline 4, V6, V8, normally aspirated and turbocharged.

Thanks to this extensive knowledge and experience our design department has the capabilities to take on any competition engine or a low volume engine design project. In-house manufacturing increases the level of confidentiality and allows the designers to take into account ease of manufacture at an early stage of the design process.

Component design
Alongside the complete engine design projects, we provide engine component and subsystem design. An example of a component design project was the development of a dry sump kit and inlet manifold of a road car engine for competitive use.

New technologies beyond motorsport
The members of our design team are very enthusiastic and keen to learn about new technologies that go beyond motor racing. One of the examples is the experience we recently gained with gasoline direct injection.

Reverse engineering of historic engines
Our experience going back four decades puts us in the right place to reverse engineer any component for a historic racing engine or high end classic road car engine. Where regulations allow it, we can also further improve historic racing engines and use modern technology to increase performance and reliability.


Our design office uses the latest software to ensure that our products are of the highest possible standard.