Credit: Anglesey Circuit

As many car fans will tell you, a track day is a perfect way to test and enhance your skills, get to know your car and have the most fun you will ever have on four wheels. No wonder the majority of people who attended at least one track day get hooked on the experience and become regular visitors to their local circuit. However, even though there are many racing tracks in the UK, and most of them are available for track day outings, not all are suited for beginners. In most cases, track day novices don’t have very powerful or fast cars, which means that they prefer shorter circuits where they can perfect the basics rather than full Grand Prix circuits, which can be overwhelming. Here at PACE, we are dedicated track day enthusiasts and here is our selection of 5 of the UK’s best courses for beginners.

Anglesey Circuit

Credit: Anglesey Circuit

The historic Anglesey Circuit is located in Ty Croes, Wales, and it overlooks the Irish Sea, which makes it one of the most picturesque locations in the UK. This short track has several layouts ranging from 0.8 miles (Club Circuit) to 2.1 miles (International GP Circuit) which is suited for a wide range of vehicles. The track itself has several elevation changes and a mix of straights and fast corners, making it ideal for beginners and moderately fast cars. It is also home to many professional racing events. In 2006 it was subject to a major overhaul, and its smooth surface is still holding up remarkably.


Credit: Knockhill

Well-known to all motorsport enthusiasts from Scotland, Knockhill is a track located in Fife. It has three layouts, with the shortest being the 0.5-mile tri-oval and the longest being the International Layout which is 1.3-mile long. Knockhill has been the centre of the local racing scene since its introduction in 1974 and has hosted many races and track day events. Interestingly, it can be raced in both directions (clockwise and anti-clockwise), which provides a unique experience even for people who race there often. The circuit can be characterised as a fast one with only one sharp turn and long straights.

Oulton Park

Credit: Chester Standard

Introduced in the 50s, Oulton Park is one of the best-known racing tracks in England, attracting famous names and racing series. The specifics of this track is that, regardless of the layout, it rewards precision and technical driving since it is full of corners and elevation changes that upset the car’s balance. Due to the good facilities surrounding the track, three well-designed layouts (from 1.6 to 2.6 miles), it is pretty popular with enthusiasts as well as with professional racers hosting several high-ranking series like BTCC or British GT Championship. All of that makes it perfect for beginner track day drivers who want to learn the basics of performance driving on one of the best UK circuits.

Thruxton Motorsport Centre

Credit: Car Throttle

Located in Hampshire, England, Thruxton has become known as a track where drivers can reach speeds close to 300 km/h. (188 mph). This is why it is often included in the BTCC and Formula 3 schedules as well as one of the favourite superbike tracks in Britain. However, its 11 curves, smooth surface, and fast corners make it one of the best places for an exciting track day outing. The overall length is 2.3 miles, which is slightly longer than the average track day circuit, but it is better for the enthusiast with more powerful cars.


We understand that heritage can be a big part of track day appeal, so what is more legendary than the home of the British Grand Prix – the famous Silverstone circuit. This motorsport Mecca is a well-known place to Formula One fans as well as to millions of amateur racers. Currently, four different layouts ranging from 0.8 to 3.7 miles in length. Different configurations mean that you can find a track day that is ideally suited for your car and skill level. Even though you probably will not set a lap record in your track day vehicle, we are sure that you will be smitten by the charm of this historic track and by the smooth surface and legendary curves.

Honourable Mention: Santa Pod Raceway
Located on the old RAF airport, Santa Pod Raceway is the UK’s main drag racing track. We know that most track day enthusiasts are looking for circuits. Still, for those who want a little bit different motorsport experience, drag racing is a fun and exciting way to test your reflexes as well as the acceleration potential of your ride. This drag strip opened in 1966, and since it has become legendary as one of the oldest and most popular drag racing centres in Europe.

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