Formula 3 NBE

Formula 3 Engines

In 2013 the FIA introduced a new set of engine regulations for Formula 3. Neil Brown Engineering was one of the first engine tuners to consider the new engine regulations and by doing this it would take on manufacturers Mercedes and Volkswagen in the 2014 European FIA F3 championship. For NBE it was the return of F3 for the first time since 2009, when it supplied the current-spec Mugen-Honda engine.

This project was the perfect opportunity to bring together all the experience gathered over the years. These new regulations do not require the engine to be based on a road car engine and made direct fuel injection mandatory, making it the perfect challenge for our engineers and designers.

The direct injection engine received extensive 1D simulation and CFD Analysis using GT-Power and NX Nastran. Our simulation work has allowed us to run multiple set-ups and configurations without the need for expensive manufacturing of each configuration.

The new engine ran in the 2014 F3 Euro Series with T-Sport. It performed well against the manufacturers' engines of VW and Mercedes, gaining a podium finish in Macau.